Max Flood Light

Max Flood Light

This super powerful precise beam floodlight available in multiple optics (5° to 45°) and delivering upto 33000 lumens is suitable for large monocolour and RBGW applications. The robust Ip66 construction ensures durability in tough conditions.

PRODUCT CODE : 450300 Fl1

1. Honeycomb
2. Snoot
3. Visor
4. Flange for Pole Mounting
5. Horizontal Arm
6. Bracket for High Mast


Catenary, Ceiling, Flood , Shrub, Spike, Tree Mount Flood, Wall Mount


Spread Lens, Snoot, Visor, Honeycomb and Tree Mount Silicon Strap

Installation and Mounting

Surface Mounted


System Wattage :300W
Lumen Outputs :20000-30000 lumens
Luminaire efficacy :80%
CRI :≥85
Color Temperature (K) :3000K, 4000K, 5000K
Beam Angles :5°/ 8°/ 15 °/30 °/45 °
Input Voltage :220V AC
IP Rating :IP66
IK Rating :IK08
ColorsGrey, Matte Black
HousingCast Alluminium,
Anodising / Painting